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  • Out of Slavery

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    Out of Slavery (published in 2004) tells the story of black British Caribbean people and their journey from Africa to Britain. In recent years, the slave trade and related topics have attracted a great deal of interest amongst historical researchers and there are many excellent scholarly works on the subject. This book, however, is not an academic work, but it draws on recent research and primary source material to offer a clear and accessible overview – not only of the transatlantic slave trade, but of the whole story so far, from its beginnings in Africa to the post-war immigration and race riots of the last century.

    “Nardia Fosters’ book is a unique contribution to educational resources in the area of Black British history. It is an important and detailed piece of work, providing a wealth of valuable information; highlighting the long history of Black people in Britain, as well as providing a detailed understanding of t”#he lives of enslaved Africans and African Caribbean people and their evolution into what we understand today to be Black British Caribbean people.
    A ‘go to’ resource for any educator seeking to understand Black lives in Britain today.”
    Rev Dr Doreen Morrison is a historical theologian, author and a member of the Baptist World Alliance Heritage and Identity Commission (2015 – 2020)

    Contents of Out of Slavery
    National Curriculum links
    1 African roots
    2 Slavery
    3 The Caribbean
    4 Conquest and cultivation
    5 Capture and deportation
    6 Life on the plantations
    7 Slave communities and culture
    8 A society under strain
    9 Ending the trade
    10 The fight for freedom
    11 Loosing the shackles
    12 Black presence in Britain up to 1900
    13 Black people in wartime
    14 Post-war immigrants
    15 Born black, born British
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