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With one little girl it's (All by Myself readers) a real breakthrough. She's 8 and has Moderate Learning Difficulties. She loves stories but found attending to text very difficult - but the large clear text and the colouring in have been great for her.

from Special School teacher, West Midlands.
Just a note to thank you for The Language GAP. I was very impressed with the quality of service. Not many companies take the time. I shall certainly be recommending senter to my colleagues.

from Head Teacher, Co. Durham
Thank you for sending the replacement copy of Oliver's Maths. I've never known a company like yours that actually does everything to help teachers.

from SEN Co-ordinator, Halesowen.
I've been using A Working Vocabulary with my Years 2 and 3 non-readers. Every single child acquired a 20-word sight vocabulary within a term. They now achieve 60/80 in reading and 50/80 in spelling.

from LSS Head of Service , Lincolnshire.
A boy with severe reading difficulties has just joined our school. He has read Books 1 - 5 of All by Myself. I asked him if he liked them. "Yes," he said," Mum thinks they're great. They're the first books I've read all by myself." His grin went from ear to ear.

from S.E.N. Teacher, Glamorgan.